In our kitchen, we exclusively use seasonal ingredients, handpick the finest local production from our region, gather wild herbs from the Madonie mountains and employ advanced fermentation techniques to reduce waste and craft a high-quality gastronomic experience.
We advocate for an ethical approach to dining, rooted in strong relationships with our local suppliers. We meticulously study the best cooking methods to enhance the natural, wholesome qualities of their products in our dishes. Our cuisine is a blend of rituals and experiments, simple gestures and refined mental associations, where everything is handmade and inspired by nature.

WE ARE DAVIDE AND MARILENA, you’ll find one of us in the kitchen, with extensive experience in some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in Northern Europe, and the other in the dining room, with a great passion for natural wines, especially those from Sicily to welcome you to our contemporary Sicilian restaurant that we strongly desired to be in symbiosis with nature.

IN 2016 we made the decision to invest in our land, with the sea in front of us and the mountains behind us, fully aware and proud of the richness that surrounds us, with a clear vision of ethical dining to uphold.

We chose a place full of charm that was once an ice factory and then a renowned butcher shop, nestled in a small side street in the heart of the historic center of Cefalù, close to the cathedral and just a stone’s throw from the beach. Without altering the original space too much, we brought Qualia to life to become a refined, welcoming and essential environment that enhances the natural elements, pervading you with a high-quality gastronomic experience.